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featured online casino

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Casino Glossary - Dictionary for Casino Gambling Terms

Casino Glossary

Online Casino gaming introduces many terms that may be intimidating to new players. Here is a glossary of some of the most common online casino terms.

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Ace-King - A Caribbean Stud hand where the total hand value is less than a pair but the hand contain an ace and a king

Advantage - The percentage the casino has on a bet - same as the edge

Arcade Casino - See "Automat Club" below

Auto dauber - A tool that automatically marks your numbers on an online Keno ticket

Automat Club - Also known as Videomat Casino, Arcade Casino, Slot Hall, is a gambling hall that offers automatic games that do not require a casino operator. Examples: slot/video machines, electronic touch-bet roulette, electronic Derby horse racing, etc. They are normally open 24 hours or from 10am daily, entry is free, no registration required, the dress code is casual, and there is an in-house bar or snack bar.

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Backtrack - The outside rim where the ball spins in the Roulette wheel

Banca Francesa - Literally means French Bank, is a dice game common in Portuguese casinos. The game is played with three dice on a large table. In a way it is similar to the card game Punto Banco or Baccarat. There are only three types of bets you can place: "Big" or "Small" or "Aces". Big is when the total points of the three dice is 14, 15 or 16. Small is when the total points of the three dice is 5, 6 or 7. Aces is when the total points of the three dice is 3 (one dot per dice). The dealer will be re-rolling the dice until one of these results shows up. Big and Small both pay even money while Aces pays 61 to 1.

Banco - The banker in Baccarat

Banking Game - A slot machine game where continued play stores up credits in a "bank". Clearing a certain task in the game "releases" the bank and awards you the credits. Banking games are used to encourage players to keep on playing the machine. If you leave a banking machine in a live casino. you are also leaving the bonus credits for a new player to win

Beef - A dispute or claim involving a player and his bookmaker or a casino dealer. A dispute over the outcome of a bet. A problematic situation involving a bet.

Beginners Luck - In gambling, new players often are on a winning streak when they start gambling. Also known as the "Honeymoon Period".

Bet Max - A feature on the slot machine giving you the option to play the maximum amount of coins allowed on the machine. This button will speed up your play

Biased Numbers - Frequently winning numbers on a Roulette wheel

Biased wheels - A faulty Roulette wheel where certain numbers appear more often than probability allows

Big 6 - A bet that 6 will be rolled before 7 in Craps - pays 1 to 1

Big 8 - A bet that 8 will be rolled before 7 in Craps - pays 1 to 1

Big Red - Another name for 7 in Craps

Bingo Marker - A crayon or ink dauber that is used to cover the numbers on a bingo game card.

Black - The most common color used for $100 chips.

Black Bet - A bet on the next number to come out on the Roulette wheel to be black

Black Book - People not allowed into Las Vegas Casinos are in the Black Book

Blackjack Trainer - An online program that helps you to play strategically correct Blackjack

Blank - See Brick

Blind Bet - A pre-posted bet in poker placed before the player have seen his or her cards

Blower - A glass container from which Keno balls are drawn

Bluff - In poker, players bluff when raising with a weak hand in hopes of driving out players with stronger hands.

Board - In poker, the community cards dealt face-up in the center of the table are referred to as on the board.

Boat - Another term for a full house.

Bones - See Dice

Boule (La Boule) - Originally referred to as the "little game", Boule is basically a simplified version of Roulette, popular in French casinos. The game features a table and a wheel with only 9 numbers and 3 different colours on which you can bet. The wheel is spun and a small rubber ball bounces around the wheel before settling into one of the coloured holes to determine the outcome. The game is simple and fast.

Boxcars - A roll of two sixes in Craps

Brick and Mortar - Land based casinos

Bring-in - In seven-card stud, the bring-in is a mandatory bet made by the player with the lowest upcard in the first round of betting.

Brit Brag - A 3-card poker game, with variations. Has many combinations and options open to the player.

Button - In poker, a small plastic disc used as a marker that is moved from player to player after each hand to designate the dealer position.

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Card Sharp - A person who is an expert at cards.

Card Washing - A card shuffling technique where the dealer spreads the cards on the table face down and then proceeds to mix them around with his hands flat in a face-washing-like action before gathering them up and performing a more normal shuffle. Card washing is intended to remove any consistencies in the sequencing among the cards that new decks of cards have, or that were produced in play prior to the present shuffle. In standard table poker the cards are washed after every hand before they are subjected to a more conventional shuffling. In blackjack and baccarat, the the cards are washed when old decks are taken out of play and fresh new decks brought in to replace them.

Carré - A corner bet in Roulette

Cashcheck - A feature used by some online casinos software that allows you to review your financial transaction history.

Casino - The word "casino" initially meant a public music and dance hall. By the second half of the 19th century casinos developed into a place with gambling halls. The best example of a casino as a gambling location is Monte Carlo in Monaco. Casino Monte Carlo was opened in 1863 and since that time it has been an important source of revenue for the small state of Monaco.

Casino Hold'em Poker - A card game based on Texas Hold'em poker, the difference is that players bet against the house (the casino) rather than against other players.

Casino Junket - See Junket

Center Bets - The bets in the middle of the Craps layout - one-roll wagers

Chemin De Fer - (French) A table game using 6 or 8 decks of cards, similar to Baccarat but requires skill.

Cheval - A split bet in Roulette

Co-banking - A Pai Gow option that is available in some casinos (not all), where the player and the house are 50/50 partners as the bank

Cold streak - A long session without winning

Column Bet - A bet on one of three columns on the betting layout of roulette

Community Cards - The shared open cards placed in the middle of the poker table

Corner Bet - A Roulette wager where the player marks four numbers by placing the chips in the between four numbers

Coup - A round of play in Baccarat

Credit - In online casinos, wagers are expressed in credits. 1 credit equals to 1 unit.

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Dauber - The tool you use to mark your numbers on a Bingo/keno ticket

Designated Dealer - In poker games like Texas hold em,the player to the left of the dealer bets first.In a poker room where each game has a resident dealer, a different player serves as the designated dealer for each hand.

Deuces Wild - A variety of video poker where a deuce becomes the best card possible for your hand and the payouts are harder to achieve

Dice Contol - The ability to control the outcome of the dice in a craps game

Dolly - Unlike the French roulette where the croupier simply points with the stick on the winning number on the table, in the American roulette the croupier uses a marker made of wood or plastic and places it on the table in the square of the winning number. The score marker is called 'dolly' because it has the outline that looks like a doll. Its functionality is primarily to help the players know the winning number until all winnings are paid.

Double Or Nothing - An even-money bet. A bet that pays off exactly the amount wagered.

Double Zero - Additional pocket on the American Roulette wheel

Dragon Hand - A Pai Gow hand dealt to an empty seat at the table. In some casinos a player may be allowed to pick up the dragon hand and play it as his/her own

Draw Button - In video poker this button allows the player to draw up to five new cards.

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eCOGRA - (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) eCOGRA provides player assurance and online casino regulation by ensuring that eCOGRA approved online casinos deliver an honest and professional service. eCOGRA's Seal, displayed on the homepage of approved sites, shows that the casino and poker room operator is committed to player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct.

Exclusive Bonus - A bonus deal negotiated by a third party affiliate

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Family Pot - In poker, when everyone at the table decides to enter a pot

Ficheur - In the American Roulette each player gets chips with different colours so that they do not mix. The croupiers have at their disposal a sophisticated mechanism, also known as Ficheur, which is able to mechanically separate coloured chips making them always readily available to use.

Field Bet - A Craps wager that the next roll is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 - pays 1 to 1

Finale Schnaps - In French roulette, an order given to the croupier to place a bet on numbers 11, 22 and 33.

Finales - A type of group bets on numbers ending with the same digit. Examples: Final 7 means bet on the numbers 7, 17 and 27 (three chips). Final 2 means bet on the numbers 2, 12, 22 and 32 (four chips).

Fish - A player who loses money. (It is said that "If you can't spot the fish at the table, YOU are the fish.) See also "Shark".

Fishing - A player who stays in a poker game longer than advisable generally is fishing for the card or two that will make the hand a winner.

Flash Casino - A type of no-download casino software where you can play instantly.

Flush - A hand with all five cards in the same suit, i.e., spades, hearts, clubs or diamonds. All suits have the same value

Four-of-a-kind - A hand that contains four cards of the same value, also known as quads.

Full Pay - A machine that offers the most favorable payouts. These are also called 9/6 machines because they pay nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush

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Gambler's Anonymous - A support group that assists problem gamblers and addicted/compulsive gamblers. (

Gambler's Fallacy - The belief that a previous, isolated event will affect the outcome of the next.

Going All-In (Also known as "All-In") - In cardroom poker, to call with (to bet) all your chips. If another player bets more chips than you have in a No Limit game, you can go All-in and stake your total stack against an equivalent amount of your opponent's stack.

Gutshot Straight - A term used in poker and video poker for a straight that can only be filled by one rank of card. For example, if the screen shows 8 9 T 4 Q you can discard the 4 and go for one of the four jacks to make a gut shot straight. This is not a recommended play.

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Hand Behind - The name given to the five-card hand in Pai Gow, as it is placed behind the smaller two-card hand, also High Hand

Hand in Front - The name of the two-card hand placed in front of the five-card hand in Pai Gow, also Low hand

High Card - If no player has a Pai Gow poker hand with a pair or better, the highest card, or sequence of cards, will determine the winner

High Hand - Same as Hand behind

Hod 'em - A class of poker games

Honeymoon Period - In gambling, new players often go through a 'honeymoon period' where they win all the time when they start gambling. Also known as "Beginners Luck", and sometimes referred to as "Winning Phase".

House way - A predetermined strategy in table games where the players let the dealer set their hands

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Irregular Playing Patterns - This generally refers to what is known as "bonus abuse". Online casinos that offer bonuses may require the player to play a certain number of spins/hands, or wager a certain amount of cash to qualify for the bonus. Irregular betting patterns are signs of players who aren't playing regularly (i.e. to win money) but are trying to meet those requirements with minimal risk of losing money in order to claim the bonuses.

IVT - Interactive Video Terminals

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Joker Poker - A video poker variation where the joker is wild as in Deuces Wild

Junket Rep - Person responsible for the casino junket

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Kalooki - (also, Kalookie, Kaluki, kaloochi, Caloochi) a card game the same as Rummy, with a number of minor exceptions. Kalooki is a game often played with wild cards. There are many variants of Kalooki and the rules may differ depending on where the game is played or which version of Kalooki is being played.

Keno Runner - A casino employee in live casinos who collect your bets and handle the prizes

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La Partage Rule - A Roulette rule where the player only loose half his/her outside bet if the ball stops at 0

Lay Bet - A bet that the craps shooter rolls a 7 before the number: pays 1 to 2, 2 to 3 or 5 to 6

Layout - The betting area on the casino table where players place their wagers

Le Grande Natural - A natural nine in Baccarat. Beats 'Le Petit Natural'

Le Petit Natural - A natural eight in Baccarat. Loses to 'Le Grande Natural'

Lobby - The lobby is a portal within your casino software that lets you choose which game you want to play and gives you access to all the latest news and promotions.

Loose Games/Machines - Games or machines with a generous payout

Low Hand - Same as Hand in Front

Luminar or LuminAR - Illuminated roulette table made by John Huxley, suppliers of casino equipment. The LuminAR roulette table is eye-catching by illuminating the winning sections through the layout using high intensity LED's. The effect is very similar to the Touch-bet Roulette flashing winning sections.

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Match Bonus - A certain percentage of your deposit will be matched by the casino and added to your account as a bonus

Maximum Bet - The highest bet you are allowed to make. Also in slot machines, a button that lets you bet the maximum coin size and the maximum number of coins taking into account the total number of paylines.

Megalats Jackpot - A Jackpot system (similar to the Mystery Jackpot) operated in the Bumerangs gaming clubs ( now owned by Olympic Casino, in Latvia, which unites their gaming machines spread over several Bumerangs gaming clubs (see When playing on any of the gaming machines, in addition to winnings on the particular gaming machine, the player has an opportunity to win the Megalats Jackpot accumulation irrespective of the combination of bets and winnings.

Minilats Jackpot - A smaller version of Megalats Jackpot. See "Megalats Jackpot" above.

Money Management - A healthy approach to make your bankroll last longer

MVG - Most Valued Guest, a title for loyal casino customers. A form of VIP membership club.

Mystery Jackpot - See "Megalats Jackpot" above.

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No-deposit Bonus - A bonus given by the casino without the player depositing any money. However, most times there are at least some strings attached.

Non-Negotiates - Promotional casino chips that cannot be traded back to cash. This is not negotiable

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One-Armed Bandit - An old name for slot machines, named for the "arm" on the side of the machine that once had to be pulled in order to set the reels in motion

Orphans or Orphelins - Three numbers that are close on the roulette layout but far apart on the wheel

Outside Numbers - The place-bet numbers in Craps: 4, 5, 9 and 10

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Pair - A hand with two cards of the same value

Paroli - In French roulette, 'Paroli' is an order given to the croupier meaning to press the bet with the win, or to "let it ride". Paroli is also the name of a betting system which increases the bet as you win.

Pay Cycle - A theoretical expression that reflects the number of plays required for the machine to cycle through all possible winning and nonwinning combinations.

Payback - The opposite of House edge

Payoff Schedule - See 'Payout Table' below

Payout - The amount of money paid out to you as a win.

Pinching - Cheating by removing chips from the table after the result has been settled

Press a Bet - Adding the winnings over the current bet, to 'let it ride'.

Pull Tab, Pulltab - A game similar to the lottery game. Tickets sell for 25 cents or 50 cents or even more and typically offer prizes ranging from free tickets to $500. Each ticket has perforated windows which open revealing symbols similar to those found on slot machines or some lottery games.

Punto - the player in Baccarat

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Quartet - Quartet Pool are conducted by the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. The investor is required to select the first four place-getters in a selected event in the correct order. Generally fields are confined to 14 starters.

Quarter Bet - A four number bet, similar to Corner Bet and Carré in Roulette

Queen Theatre - A term used in electronic roulette (touchbet roulette) because of the way the seating is laid out. Altogether 24 players can play the Queen Theatre electronic roulette at the same time. The central part of the roulette with its wheel is designed for 8 players around it, whilst 16 players play from the "theatre", a second line around the first circle of 8 players.

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Racinos - Racetrack casinos.

Raise - In poker, a player raises by matching the previous bet and then betting more, to increase the stake for remaining players.

Rapid Roulette - American style roulette table layout without the outside bets: red/black, low/high, odd/even, dozens and columns. You can only bet on numbers and neighbours. The purpose for this variation is to speed up the game.

Red - The most common color used for $5 chips.

Red Bet - A roulette bet on the next number to be red

Red-black Bet - In roulette, an outside wager on whether the next spin will be a red or a black number.This bet is played off at even money.

Reel - A wheel inside a slot machine window on which the slot machine symbols are printed. The number of reels per slot machine may very but are usually three.

Reload Bonus - A bonus offered by a casino to reward re-depositing players

RFB - Comped with free Room, Food, and Beverages.

RNG - (Random Number Generator) A computer generated randomness that randomly assigns the outcome of a result such as a roulette spin, a keno game or a cards shuffle.

Rouletto - In Ireland roulette is called rouletto.

Roulight / Roulite - The most modern variety of Roulette. A table game that has been developed in the first instance by specialists at the Wiesbaden Casino, Wiesbaden, Germany. The game is dynamic and very fast. Players, who like to play sectors and neighbours love it. Bets can only be placed on full numbers (staight up), on two connected numbers (split), neighbours and sections of the wheel. No outside bets.

RVP - Recreational Vehicle Parking.

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Satellite - A qualifying tournament. See also Qualifier

Scatter - A symbol often found on slots machines, that enables free spins. A specified number of scatter symbols anyware on the screen will award free spins or other bonuses

Schnaps - See "Finale Schnaps"

Sharp - Astute bettor.

Short Pay - In contrast to a full pay machine, a short pay machine does not offer the optimal payout odds to the player

Sign-up Bonus - A bonus rewarded to players for registering and depositing money at an online casino

Single Zero - The European roulette wheel without the American 00 pocket

Six Number Bet - A roulette bet on six different numbers, also Sixainne

Sixainne - See Six number bet

Skoon - A dollar.

Slot Hall - See "Videomat Casino" below

Smart Cashiers - Automated cashier machines that allow players to cash out their winnings/credits from their Smart cards.

Standoff - a Tie

Steal - In poker, to win the pot by bluffing.

Stiff - In blackjack, a hand that is not pat and that may bust if hit once.Stiffs include hard twelve through sixteen.

Straight Bet - A roulette bet on one single number

Street Bet - A roulette bet on three numbers. See also Transversale

Sulky - The modern harness racing vehicle (a driving rig) developed from a single-seat. Earlier racing had used carts. In its final form the sulky is little more than a U-shaped shaft mounted on two wheels with a seat at the end of the U.

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Tiers Du Cylinder - A French roulette term where a player bets on several numbers close to each other on the betting layout

Tilt - Wreckless gambling often caused by unlucky previous bets

Transversale - French word for Street bet

Trente et Quarante (Thirty and Forty) - Also called Rouge et Noir or Red and Black, is a game of French origin found in French and other European casinos played with cards and a special table. The game has many similarities to Baccarat. The name Trente et Quarante is derived from the fact that the winning point lies between thirty and forty. There are five possible outcomes: Rouge or Noir, known as the "Grand Tableau", and Couleur or Inverse, known as the "Petit Tableau", and a Refait (a tie). The house derives its edge (1.1%) in the event of a tie, when the house takes one half of all the stakes. There is also an insurance bet option against the 'tie' outcome.

Trey - A three

Tronc - A designated box for collecting the tips for the dealers given by players when they win.

Two Pair - A hand with two pairs (cards of the same value)

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Videomat Casino - Is a casino that offers automatic games only, that do not require a dealer or a croupier, such as slot machines and electronic touch-bet roulette. They are normally open 24 hours or from 10am daily, and there is usually an in-house bar or snack bar.

Viking Poker - A poker name commonly used in some European casinos, is the equivalent of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Voisins Du Zero - When you bet the on a group of numbers close to the zero on a roulette wheel

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Web Wallet - A secure and convenient software tool for managing your online transactions, such as depositing money with online casinos or making a withdrawal from your balance.

Wild Royal Flush - A Royal Flush that makes use of a wild card.

Withdrawal - A request you make to receive money from your account.

Wong, Wonging, Wonger - (named after Stanford Wong) In Blackjack, to count the cards dealt at a particular table and to then join play only when the count indicates the game has swung to the player's advantage. The term has been expanded to include playing in favorable situations in a number of other games.

Wagering Requirements - Obligations to wager a certain amount in order to clear different bonuses at online casinos

Way Ticket - In keno, a ticket that groups different numbers to create more than one way to win.

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