April 18, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

Online casino players at Betfair Casino can now be able to participate in a live dealer play. The company released an announcement only this week that they have widened their range of gaming options through the launch of live dealer baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

The new way of enjoying online casinos are the live dealers. It’s a one step forward for a more authentic casino gaming experience for players as it adds an extra dimension to the usual online casino play.
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April 11, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most awaited event of in the world of poker. It is considered as the ultimate achievement in the career of any poker player as the winner of each WSOP event gets the most prestigious award that a poker player can achieve – it’s the WSOP gold bracelet. The main event’s winner will gain the desired title of World Champion and will be the next legendary figure.

The 2011 WSOP Main Event will start on July 7 and will be held at the Rio Suite Hotel and Casino will last until July 19 with the final table of 9 players.
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April 11, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

After the introduction of online casino websites, sports betting websites and online poker rooms, gambling has been conveniently accessible for everyone. If you are into this form of gambling, you surely know what the Terms and Condition states, restrictions such as place you live in and age limits are the major factors that should be considered, nevertheless, does the implemented conditions been followed?

Well, due to the law of UIGEA, it becomes much tougher for an American player to join a gambling website since the number of financial institutions that accepts an account from and to gambling arenas are limited plus the fact that there is a decrease in online casino sites who allows USA players to join and wager on their sites. Nevertheless there are still some who accept funds from gamblers and gambling websites, and the fact that certain online casino sites still acknowledge USA players as potential clients.

Not only this, there are some online casino sites that allows a 16 year old player to join and wager at that certain casino, given that he can support his gambling activities. Anyway, ages between 18 to 21 are the general regulations that gambling sites administer.

So does this promote an early gambling addiction. Yes. How?

First, online gambling websites are very accessible, in addition, each site highlights a user friendly interface that even the most naive person (in terms of computer usage and internet) can gamble online given that he have an internet connection, a computer or laptop and money willing to gamble. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 31, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

Time uncovers the rise of new casino players signing up to different online casino websites. They are possibly seeing the various good reasons of gaming online. But before the newcomers sit in front of their computers, look for a casino website and join, here are the things you have to let yourself know first. Sometimes, just a little knowledge of what casino playing will take its toll on you and your future casino bankroll.

One major factor that a newcomer must know of is the necessary information about the casino sites they are entering into. Like their software provider, the owner and player restrictions. It pays likewise to read on some client’s review of the site. This will help to know if the casino site is a trusted and legitimate one. Beginners usually get fooled of some casinos that are just existing to get money out of their bankroll, meaning they let you deposit first hand and then run away with your money. If you inquire about your account, they will no longer reply and a little later you’ll know you’ve been had!

We all know that playing in an online casino site normally requires a player to deposit cash for their bankroll. This amount is used to play on the different games and to join with the available tournaments. It is necessary for a beginner to know the concept of bankroll management. What the minimum deposits and the maximum bets they can have. When doing your initial deposit, casino sites ask for a minimum initial deposit and its better to stick to that requirement until you are about to make your stakes higher.

After you have known how to put money in your account, now is the time to be aware of how the casino will ship your winnings in case you have joined a tournament and win. Most casino sites will make your winnings transfer to your credit card. There are also some payment systems that are widely used by casinos online, these are few of them: Neteller, Click2Pay, Citadel and Firepay. Neteller for example uses “virtual wallet” in which you will put your money and they will transfer it to the casino site you specify. Citadel on the other hand, transfers through“e-cheques”, which sends money electronically. It’s your decision of what systems to use depending on your preference. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 27, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

I have gathered together the best online casino websites to help you have wide options of sites to play at. These websites are known not only for their great bonuses. They are the safest site as well, providing players from around the world an assurance of a worthwhile gaming experience.

Some websites have player restrictions meaning some nationalities aren’t accepted to play. The list includes their current bonus and the player restraints.

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March 22, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

Casino ChipsBack in the days when there is no online casino ready for the gamers and land based casinos are the only thing that casino players go to for that gaming experience, you will notice that chips are lined up on the table of casino rooms with their different colors. Didn’t it come to your mind? what are those colors standing for? The colored chips not only act as designs on the table, there is actually a designated meaning attached to those colors.

Casino chips are also called tokens or checks. These casino chips act as money at the gaming tables. Money is exchanged for this token. You may think that these chips don’t have value, but you cannot play, unless you change your money into chips. Casino chips are made to have uniformity of cash values in casino tables and to avoid money counterfeit and theft.

Each casino has their incomparable set of chips. This helps in distinguishing casinos from each other. Some, like the popular Hard Rock Hotel and Casino have their limited edition chips. Other also have commemorative chips for their casino patron or for a certain casino tourney.

The colors of each casino chip are specified by the Gaming Control Board, a government agency taking charge in the regulation of casino and other types of gaming in a particular location or state. Chip colors found at casino tables on almost all the casinos includes red, white or blue, green and black. Other additional colors are pink, purple, yellow and gray. These are the universal color coding of chips found in the majority of the casinos in the world. Every color corresponding to a value stated below: Read the rest of this entry »


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March 17, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

You have decided to play online casino games and starts to find a trusted or the best online casino website over the net where you could play. But if you don’t know what to do first, here’s a guide to help you. These are the things you should know or do before starting to play to get the utmost fun of casino playing.

In order to play you need to look for a casino website. Don’t rely on what have you seen first hand and immediately sign up, be keen on the rules of the site plus take a look at the privacy policies. After finding your casino website, you have to download the software first. Instructions on how to download the casino software is provided on the site and this would not take too long so you’ll be able to start running the application and play on the same day.

After running the application most casino provider can let you choose from the two modes of casino play, whether fun play or real money mode. Fun play mode will let you play without the chance of losing your money. In essence this mode fit those who don’t have intentions of earning money through casino playing. Fun play is also known as the practice mode. If you are ready for the real money play, then you click on the “play real money” button. Any of the two modes have their own great features depending on the casino software. Read the rest of this entry »


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March 14, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

casino bonus

Bonuses found in casino online add to the many factors why casino players still stay with this much accessible platform. Bonus works as a bait for some online casino websites to gain more players and popularity. When a casino bonus is promoted by a casino website, it will certainly get players to visit the site. Would you not grab a bonus if its available?

Casino bonuses varies depending on the game, the website or the prize or even your activity in the online casino website. With a bunch of casino bonuses on hand, it is necessary to know what are the differences of these. So to help you know more about these bonuses, here’s a list for you.

Sign-up Bonus

This sign up bonus is enjoyed by the newly registered players of a casino website, it is also known as the “welcome bonus”. This is just a one time offer to attract players. Most of the time, a sign up bonus can be a match bonus, another type of bonus defined later. If you are thinking of getting this bonus, see first of the wagering requirements found in the casino site.

Maximum Bonus

Maximum bonus that online casino offers can also mean that players need to have a bigger deposit or wagering requirement. Your winning will be the maximum prize the internet casino site can offer.

Match Bonus

In this kind, a bonus that will be given to a player is a match according to your deposit. It depends on the percentage bonus that the online casino will offer. Lets say they have a 200% match bonus and you have an initial deposit of 100$, you will get 200$ as a bonus. A maximum allowable deposit is stated by a casino site to regulate the amount of deposit a player can have. Read the rest of this entry »


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March 8, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

As weird as it can get but in reality casino websites come with the craziest promotions just to win those countless online casino players. Just in the US itself, you’ll find many of this promotional stunts and maybe even with the top online casino website.

The known in this kind among the US online casino is the Golden Palace Casino. They are the leader when it comes to setting standards for marketing creativity. They also use their unusual items and marketing stunts to raise awareness and collect funds for charity. Golden Palace have come up with the most unique and outrageous advertising campaigns over the last few years and they have always been at the peek when it comes to the weirdest and out of the ordinary promotions you could ever imagine.

They are offering no deposit casino bonus codes unlike most casino website offers. They sure know how to catch players’ attention. Promotions such as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test, Pope Benedict XVI Mobile, and William Shatner’s Kidney Stone have gained a lot of worldwide media attention for the casino. Ready to hear what some those promotional stunts about? Here are the rundown.

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Back in 2004, there is a woman from Miami who claimed she owned a 10-year old grilled-cheese sandwich that resembles somewhat like Virgin Mary. Thought of making some money out of it so she decided to put it on eBay. There was a bite taken out of the sandwich, but still Golden Palace willingly paid $28,000 for the grilled cheese sandwich. One lucky piece of bread indeed!

Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test

Well yes, Golden Palace seem to get even the useless thing on earth! Take Britney Spear’s pregnancy test kit as a proof. Apparently gush with cash for oddball purchases, this online casino has bought Britney Spears’ alleged home-pregnancy test for $5,001 on eBay.

Golden Palace Tattoo

Golden Palace purchase the right to tattoo its web address in a woman’s forehead in 2005. In an eBay auction, the woman who come up as the winner was a single mother named Karolyne Smith. She was tattooed with the Golden Palace web address and then gets $10,000.

Also a man weighing 400 pounds was paid $4,550 by Golden Palace for tattooing the company’s logo on his stomach.

William Shatner’s Kidney Stone

William Shatner gives his kidney stone to Golden Palace! The gambling website paid $21000 for the stone in 2005. William Shatner once sold a kidney stone for $75000 before this Golden Palace purchase.

Newborn Baby Named Golden Palace

Melissa, an expectant mother back then decided to put her child’s name in an eBay auction. Months after it was made, Golden Palace won the auction and then named the child Golden Palace Benedetto! The online casino website spent $15,000 dollars for this.

Golden Palace is a known bidder in eBay, they even bought the ball with which David Beckham missed the penalty in EURO 2004 quarter final, paid $650,000 to name a newly discovered monkey species and bought a VW Golf, that was then owned by pope Benedict XVI.

Source: http://www.casinotoplists.com/crazy-online-casino-promotions

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March 4, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

When we talk of casino tournaments, mostly you’ll remember the World Series of Poker. But what about the tournaments held in an online casino? Once you’ve entered an online casino room, its a duty for you to know what are the available casino tournaments so to help you choose of what would you join. It is important to understand this variety to help casino players pick out right.

Types of online casino tournaments may be sorted out in two: (1) to those tournaments that award prizes based on how much a player wins and (2) those tournaments that award prizes based on how much a player wagers. The second type may not really be classified as a tournament because winning in this kind doesn’t really test the skills of players but on the amount of bet. This kind is a promotional stake by casino sites that isn’t listed as a strict casino tournament. They encourage players to wager more and reward those players who wager the most. In these tournaments players are betting with their own funds and obviously get to keep any amounts they win while playing. Read the rest of this entry »


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