The Sahara Casino Closes Down

June 1, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

The last and Oldest Casino in Vegas has finally turn their tables down for good. Sahara Casino is one of the most known casino hotels in Vegas from their beginning until now. Its name was fixed with all the casinos found in Vegas.

Founded in 1952, it starts with a good feed back from the casino players and gamblers. It serves all kinds of gambling aficionados from late 50’s to 90’s and still banging till’ this year. There are lots of famous people had been in this casino from “The King of Rock” Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra and even Beatles had experienced the Vegas Casino legend.

The Sunset in Sahara begun when Sam Nazarian and his Company the SBE Entertainment took over in 2007. At first, it’s quite a good roll until the Company announces this March that the famous Sahara Casino-hotel is no longer economically viable. Affected by the economic recession, the 59 year-old Moroccan-theme Casino Hotel together with its more that 1,000 employees, they finally shut down the whole casino.

It’s a tragic experience for employees who had worked and give their loyalty to this casino. Others had worked in Sahara Casino Hotel for almost a decade and more. Lots of people are affected in this sudden closing especially those people whose age is in 40’s and above.

We all know that if you reach the age of 40 and up, finding or looking for a decent job is crucial fight for everyone. Nowadays, company’s are accepting those applicants whose age is in 30 below. So the next question for those people of Sahara Casino which are now job seekers, what’s their move?

According to the Yahoo News and LA Times, people and employees of Sahara are in great dept before the last day of the Casino. Some staffs and employees had a lot of difficult times to find a job. Just like Sheryl Reed a waitress who had worked at Sahara for almost 11 years. She mentioned that, finding a stable job is a tough task. “You have to be in your 20s to work in Vegas, now. I left applications, they say they’ll call you, but they never call” – she said.

In this scenario, you can see the true problem of all the employees of the casino who had worked for decades. They’re over-aged for a job and has no reserve job for they know that the casino would not let them down.

In a Shop near the Sahara Casino, an old player bought a Sahara named playing cards for $1.75 a deck. Johnny Santia, a 38 years old from San Pedro say’s he’d come to say goodbye to a legend. “You have to respect your elders.” – Santia said.

Las Vegas is known for its Hotels, Resorts and Casinos. Time after time, everything has change. The hotels, resorts and casinos become one. There are Grand Hotels with Resorts on it and a Casino too. The Sahara, has become too old to compete with the newbies. Maybe that’s one of the reason why the Sunset of Sahara happens. If they only try to prevent the damages of the building and renovate the entire landscape, maybe Sahara would gain popularity again.

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