The Truth about Online Poker Myths

May 29, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

Poker either be online or land-based is pondered with different superstitious beliefs. These poker myths were speculated by some people who can merely understand the facts about this online casino game. Given are some of the online myths we should never believe.

Online Poker Myth Number 1: The cash out curse.
They said that a player will receives bad luck while playing when he/she withdraws money from its online poker bankroll. Meaning, the player will lose every game he/she will be playing after withdrawing. But mind you that this is not true. Online Poker rooms does not give concern to the players about them withdrawing money from their account. Besides, the poker rooms will not bet benefits if their players always end up losing their games.

Online Poker Myth Number 2: The game of reading your opponent’s mind

By reads doesn’t mean the literal meaning of reading words. This myth tells that a player can win money from poker if he/she can read his/her opponents actions or thinking and make a decision based on your readings. At some points, this is not really a myth because somehow, reading can help. But, it is your strategy and wise-mind to help you win. And how can you read you opponent if you’re playing online? Unless you’re playing live-based.

Online Poker Myth Number 3: Good players always win.

Good players always win and gain more money against its opponents just by playing on the game  of his/her choice. Not all the time because poker has many different variants to play. Its not likely that this player is good and can win at every poker variant. Bear in mind that even the Poker Legends experienced losing too.

Online Poker Myth Number 4: Everyone’s hole cards can be seen by some various players.

Though some poker scandals were known such as the Absolute Poker Scandal and Ultimate Bet Poker, it is still hard to see all the hole cards. Poker rooms are running via software with intensive security to assure the players protections. So it is not that possible even if in some gambling forums, players says that “others might have seen my hole cards”, it is possible yet hard to confirmed.

Online Poker Myth Number 5: Online Poker is said to be rigged.

Online poker being rigged is one of the most famous and talk-about myths about Poker. How does Poker seems to be rigged? Because of the theories that cards being dealt are already fixed to keep players playing and to build bigger jackpots. Adding to that, they says that there are just many bad beats at online poker. Well, players must understand that online casino games are powered by RNG or Random Number Generators so it is impossible for this myth to be a fact.

Those are five of the most popular online poker myths that gathered throughout the web. Knowing these myths could also be a help by having them as your guide.

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