Mobile Casinos Beats Online Casinos Throughout ASIA

May 18, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

The innovation of gaming today have brought players to the extent of being much allured with such trendy gaming bodies. From land based gambling there comes virtual playing which is known to be as online gambling (specifically online casino), and now there comes the mobile gambling where many players have switch unto.

Today, the new trend has set its popularity to those handsets, specifically smartphone users. According to the research taken from the Mobile Life Survey, indicating that Asians prefer playing their favorite casinos in their mobile than online casino.

From Sixth annual Mobile Life Survey, conducted by the TNS Market, a research done to over 43 countries has documented the industry’s increase in growth of smartphone users. Such 43 countries where mostly from Asia that have took part from the survey includes China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Hongkong, Japan and Singapore. As a result, it shows that in over 1.8 billion mobile phone users there were 5.7% were occupied by smartphones in their gaming habit.

If the data is said to be true, then it concluded that playing gambling using mobile phones is increasing

By the year 2015, Asian users of smartphones will be expected to grow by 200 million, which is 12.5% of the annual growth. Another great news to ponder is that Android Mobile OS is expected to rule the entire Asian mobile market within 4 years.

Almost 70 to 90 percent of mobile phone users were taken by the biggest countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Japan which have the biggest penetration of smartphones.

Whereas, Tablets which is now starting to be much needed by the Asian and European as well is now intending to be a replacement for PCs’ in their gaming.

With such innovation this could lead existing and new players to jump on the latest trend of gaming which demand tends to increase, especially to social networking variety of apps and also to those of mobile casino software.

On the other hand, European and North Americans still prefer to gamble online within their PC which is entirely opposite in Asia. Players from Asian countries have lure their selves into the different casino games through their mobile phones rather than of their PCs.

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