China as the Largest Gambling Market both Online and Offline

May 15, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

Recently online gambling and other sports betting websites have reached South East Asian countries. Nevertheless, gambling is nothing new in this countries, in fact some of the newly introduced online casino games are patterned on some of the selected gambling games from Asia. Pachinko, Sic-Bo and mahjong are just some of what online casino sites are now presenting.

Anyway, Asian government are still battling over illegal gambling activities. Who wouldn’t, illegal gambling activities gained millions of revenues in a small span of time notwithstanding if its through online websites or some selected gambling halls and arcades.

For an instance, in China, gambling is fully accepted but due to some jurisdiction, joining any form of online wagering is still prohibited. But this doesn’t stop gamblers from betting at certain sports betting website and some online casino site. The reason is simply because it would be hard to prove and confirm that a specific gambler really perform a gambling activity at an online casino or sports betting site. Moreover, setting an online gambling service is easy specially on the the results of a game in Soccer or in the World Cup Series because at this point, this two are the most anticipated events in China.

Nevertheless, Chinese government are still doing their best to prevent illegal gambling activities specially those operated by underground syndicates. In fact, 34 individuals suspected to be operating illegally are already arrested together with the $11.7 million hard cash. However, comparing to the $73 billion illegal bet on the 2006 World Cup, this is still considered as remnants.

Because of this, Chinese government are in the process of producing a jurisprudence that would cover everything about virtual gambling. Some of their officials even stated that it would be much better to legalized online casino and virtual sports betting than waste billions of revenues that can help in the improvement of the country as well as to help foundations that offers social services for the aged, less fortunate families, individuals with disabilities, Red Cross and more.

Giga Media, owner of Wretch, an online blog based on Taiwan and the firm that develops software’s for online casino games, Europe’s Everest Poker developer and owner of Fun Town, the largest mahjong site all over is already looking forward on the Chinese market, in fact, they are planning an expansion the moment a law was implemented.

Anyway, did you notice that China is starting to be the largest gambling market? In fact, during the last season, over $100 billion was recoded and 95% from it came from illegal gambling. This is according to Mr. Richard Lee, director of Sino, a Chinese development firm.

However, UIGEA is worried on the would be effects once a law for online gambling is legalized. UIGEA’s spokesperson stated that although the Chinese gambling community considers online gambling to be a form of recreational leisure, the fact that you are in front of the computer for a long period of time would affect not only your health but other personal matters such as family, friends, social life etc.

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