Casino Myths: The Lucky Charms for Betting to Win

April 20, 2011 - By: Online Casino Seven

The most exciting about playing the game of luck is how the players believe in “LUCKY CHARMS”.  Chinese has their own set of superstitious lucky charm,  lucky spells and lucky rituals.  Lucky rituals doesn’t proven for playing, but until now almost gambling players believe that they have a true luck in their beliefs.  Even in a million of try their believing luck, they do not care what other says, the important is their lucky charm is the center for the win.

China was the first country that has a belief of metal for lucky charm, the coins represents as money considered as a powerful compact form.  It symbolizes vast power.  This Chinese Charms started during the period of SIS DYNASTY to the YUAN DYNASTY. We have a different shape and kind of coin charms, of course we have their own different meaning.

Lucky number is one of the most special in Chinese superstitious, in gambling we use numbers all the time. Like in betting, lottery and other gambling games. We believe that luckiest numbers is 3, 6, 8 and 9 are those successful digits in gambling, and all their combination gives you a chances of winning. But according to Cantonese, number “4” is a bud luck number, we believe that it sound like for dying.

Chinese is the most famous among the nations for their gambling rites, these are the following Chinese beliefs: [1] Every start of the game always wear red underwear. [2] Avoid to touch other shoulder’s while gambling. [3] Don’t come close to the nuns, monks and in casino entrance. [4] Always turn on the lights when set out in hotel room or apartment.

Always wear a particular clothes which makes their belief to their influence the game’s outcome. Even in the color of the clothes, underwear and socks.

The Chinese believe that before going to casino for gambling, they prefer for not taking a bath which brings the fortune of the game. But some people reverse this belief, they taking a shower before the game for attracting their luck.

Whatever happen in our games, if it’s your, it’s always yours. Just respect the opinions and belief of others, and never ever try to cheat to be fair. Just enjoy and and had fun every time we play, be optimistic and a good gambler. To be an easy gambler, he should enjoy every moment he play, and not abusing our self for gambling. And the good thing is other people is a good carrier on how we handle their self on gambling.

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