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One of the most exciting game in the casino tables is the game of craps. The most lively table that is present in the casino happens to be the craps table. And though the very high amount of energy from a number of people is absent in the online casino websites, online craps however does not fail to give the same amount of excitement that you can get. And the advantageous side of betting on the online game is the absence of heavy influences and disturbances that can negatively affect your game.

There are times that you may run into someone over the web who is a self-regarded “expert” in the game of craps, offering you some betting systems that is said to beat the game. Though it is true that betting systems come in many forms and offer ways of gaining an edge from your betting adjustments at a certain condition, the truth still exist that there is no certified system that can really beat the craps game, whether on land-based or online casinos. And no matter which book or e-book you read, the house still holds an advantage over you, at every possible bet that you can make in the game.

Well, the most common advice that you can find, and probably the best optimum strategy to build in playing craps, is to make bets that has better odds. In determining which bets are better than the others, the house edge plays a major part. Basically, the lower the house edge is, the better is the bet to make. Play on the pass line and come bets, as well as on the don’t pass line and don’t come bets if you wish. These bets has the lowest range of house edge among the other bets in any craps game. You may also consider making some odds bets for a more chance of winning some money.

However, always assume that you will not always win, and prepare yourself for a bad run of luck and a losing streak, in the worst case scenario. And always remember that over the long term, you are bound to lose money. So if you had already earned a good profit, then you can walk away from the game and go home.

Speaking of losing streaks, there is a particular craps betting strategy that involve doubling the previous bet that is lost until you win. The theory is that doubling your bet would recover all losses that you have incurred on the previous bets. Though it is true once you win in the next round of rolling the dice, this theory is rendered useless if you are experiencing a losing streak in which the next doubled bet already exceeds the table limits.

If there are somebody who tells you about a particular betting system that could guarantee your win, don’t fall for it. Over the last thousand years of rolling the dice, people have been trying to find a way that could defy the natural law of randomness and let them win 100% of the time for a particular bet in craps, yet up until now, no one has been proven to success in developing such a betting system. And so far, the only strategy that can really help you get the most out of your bankroll is sticking to bets with better odds.

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